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WTF, Sociological Images?!

When I saw the article titled "Gender, Power, and Chris Brown's Battered Woman Tattoo" and that the writer was Amanda Marcotte (of It's A Jungle Out There fame), I knew bullshit was coming up.

Let me make it clear: I am a passionate not-fan of Chris Brown. He is recklessly and unapologetically sexist - a privileged, ignorant asshole. But I am also a passionate non-fan of Amanda Marcotte, who is still stupidly influential. Marcotte's a renowned white feminist giving other white feminists a bad name. Her responses to folks' feedback in the comments section are fucking arrogant and shamelessly racist. I bitterly do not understand why Amanda Marcotte is still being held up as an example of Awesome Feminism. I'm so disappointed in Lisa Wade.

Update: I shouldn't be surprised, but I'm being accused of being a reverse racist now. HEADDESK.
seoul rage against the machine

How to get cut.

Argue that the Vietnam War was just and not-at-all imperialistic by writing, in very graphic detail, accounts of VC violence against innocent children. Also, by telling me how so very important American "heroism" is that it completely justified the rape, evisceration, and bombing of my relatives.




seoul rage against the machine

Support our troops.

Vietnam war vet just left the mental health hospital. He has no place to go, so in a week or two, he is planning to "do something crazy," so they'll send him back, giving him a place to stay and regular meals. Everytime he goes, he is "medicated" for conditions he doesn't actually have. (He spits them out after he leaves the line.)

He saw me while I was waiting for the California bus on my way to work this morning and was very excited to talk to me as he rarely finds people willing to listen to his stories. He asked for no money, just for an ear. He was very nice.

I feel empty and ashamed.

Support our troops.

Protest senseless, imperialistic war.